Curated Wearables News

These are the news items that I have curated during the monitoring of the API space that have some relevance to the Wearables conversation and I wanted to include in my research. I am using all of these links to better understand how the space is defining not just their APIs, but their schema, and other moving parts of their API operations.

2020 is VR's make (12-24-2019)
Why a 100 (09-01-2019)
Enhancing Data Privacy in Healthcare with Automated Data Governance (08-30-2019)
Uber and Lyft are putting $60 million toward keeping drivers independent contractors (08-29-2019)
How Patents Drive Innovation at Facebook (08-29-2019)
Amazons Ring offered a footage request system to more than 400 law enforcement agencies (08-28-2019)
Fitbit launches Premium subscription service for health coaching (08-28-2019)
Who's Really Running Your Industrial IoT Project? (08-27-2019)
Porsche invests in low visibility sensor startup TriEye (08-21-2019)
New wristband could predict aggressive outbursts in people with autism (08-21-2019)
Facebooks Libra Association is being investigated by EU antitrust regulators (08-20-2019)
Surveillance as a Condition for Humanitarian Aid (08-20-2019)
On (08-19-2019)
How to Reduce Cognitive Load for Voice Design (08-19-2019)
Sticker sensor monitors your body using wireless power (08-16-2019)
Exoskeleton shorts that amplify running and walking (08-16-2019)
Smart ovens have been turning on overnight and preheating to 400 degrees (08-14-2019)
How to sync all your fitness activities with Google Fit (08-11-2019)
Google Fit now tracks your sleep patterns (08-04-2019)
Fitbits newest fitness tracker is just for employees and health insurance members (02-09-2019)
Police license plate readers are still exposed on the internet (01-22-2019)
Hitman convicted thanks to fitness watch location data (01-20-2019)
Alphabets health division gets FDA clearance to test EKG smartwatch feature (01-18-2019)
Alphabets Verily scores FDA clearance for its ECG monitor (01-18-2019)
Smart glasses and data protection (01-17-2019)
The Future of Smart Clothing (12-14-2018)
Apples Newest Watch Features Will Transform Heart Health (12-06-2018)
Apple Watch: How to Take an ECG Reading (12-06-2018)
Fitbit just introduced a $150 fitness tracker that's waterproof and gets 7 days of battery life (08-20-2018)
ANGLR raises $3.3 million to create a Fitbit for fishing (07-10-2018)
Qualcomm launches a new chip for kid (06-27-2018)
Qualcomms new headset with eye tracking ships to developers later this year (03-21-2018)
AppleWatch wristband sensor claims to detect potassium in your blood without needles (03-12-2018)
Chinese police are using facial (02-07-2018)
Of course you can control your smart home with your underwear (01-09-2018)
Checkpoint Systems Introduces Next Generation of Specialized Tags for Eyewear Protection (01-08-2018)
Wearable numbers get a bump, as consumers shift focus to smarter devices (11-30-2017)
Courts and Insurance Companies Need to Realize Fitness Data Can Be Spoofed (11-22-2017)
Germany bans kids smartwatches that can be used for eavesdropping (11-20-2017)
Germany bans children's smart watches with listening app (11-18-2017)
German government tells parents to destroy children's smartwatches (11-17-2017)
Privacy, Security Concerns Grow for Wearables (11-15-2017)
The government is handing out 10,000 Fitbits to research precision medicine (11-07-2017)
Ford made a trucker hat that might save drivers' lives (11-02-2017)
Polar makes API free to third party developers (10-31-2017)
Polar opens API for third party developers (10-30-2017)
Polar will now play nice with other fitness platforms and wellness services (10-30-2017)
Data journalism lessons available from ProPublica Data Institute (10-30-2017)
Kids' smart watches are a security/privacy dumpster (10-21-2017)
Security Flaws in Children's Smart Watches (10-19-2017)
New sensor pill like a "Fitbit" you can swallow to monitor your stomach (10-12-2017)
Wearables may look adorable, but are they producing usable and beneficial health data? (09-29-2017)
Apple and Fitbit join pilot program to speed new health tech through FDA (09-26-2017)
Verizon gives up on its Android Wear watch after 4 months (09-25-2017)
Google and Levis new smart jacket can control your devices (09-25-2017)
Fitbits Ionic smartwatch and bluetooth headphones go on sale October 1 (09-25-2017)
Levis Google (09-25-2017)
Google and Levi's tech (09-25-2017)
Amazon is working on smart glasses to house Alexa AI, says FT (09-20-2017)
Bored With Your Fitbit? These Cancer Researchers Aren't (09-19-2017)
Fitbit still hasnt cracked the smartwatch code (09-19-2017)
Fitbit Vulnerabilities Expose Wearer Data (09-18-2017)
Fitbit's new partnership will bring diabetes monitoring to the Ionic smartwatch (09-07-2017)
Amazon's Alexa is finally coming to wearable devices for the first time (AMZN) (09-05-2017)
Fitness wearables will live or die by their apps (09-04-2017)
Smartwatches leave fitness trackers in the dust in the growing wearable market (08-31-2017)
Will Fitbit's sleep apnea tracking actually work? (08-30-2017)
Jawbone's medical plans included a heart attack warning bracelet (08-16-2017)
Body sensor collects vital data by making you sweat (08-06-2017)
Morgan Stanley: Fitbit needs better software to survive (08-04-2017)
Fitbit spikes after losing less money than expected (FIT) (08-02-2017)
Fitbit's next (07-28-2017)
Wearables aren't all dorky these helped me compete in an Ironman race (07-28-2017)
Cortanas new Fitbit skill lets you log fitness progress with your voice (07-27-2017)
The wearables battlefield is strewn with casualties (07-26-2017)
Forget smart watches, this voice (07-25-2017)
Fitbit hit with lawsuit over haptic feedback patents (07-21-2017)
Atari created a hat with built (07-20-2017)
Intelshuts down group working on wearables and fitness trackers (07-20-2017)
The Wearables Giving Computer Vision to the Blind: Aira, eSight, MyEye (07-20-2017)
Engineers create smart glove that turns sign language into text (07-17-2017)
Soft Sensors Might Make Wearables Actually Wearable (07-13-2017)
These stretchy, durable sensors could be woven right into clothing (07-12-2017)
Fitbit faces ill (07-11-2017)
Jawbone bet big on fitness trackers and lost (07-10-2017)
Jawbones demise heralds the end of the wearables industry (07-07-2017)
bHaptics' TactSuit is VR haptic feedback done right (07-02-2017)
Fitbit looks to health industry for future growth (06-30-2017)
Wearable sales to double by 2021, says IDC (06-24-2017)
The wearable market is far from dead it's finally entering a new age (06-22-2017)
The History of the Pedometer (and the Problems with Learning Analytics) (06-22-2017)
Avoid sunburn with help from this beautiful, smart bracelet (06-16-2017)
Overhyped sleep tracker backed by Peter Thiel is on its death bed (06-13-2017)
Monitoring your blood pressure? Careful, 70% of home devices may be inaccurate (06-09-2017)
FitrWoman is a period tracker for elite athletes (06-08-2017)
Fitness trackers inconsistently collect data (06-08-2017)
MIT unveils wearable guides for the visually impaired (06-03-2017)
Walk this way towards better wearables security (06-01-2017)
Wearables have a long way to go (05-30-2017)
Study hints that wearables are terrible at counting calories, just like their users (05-26-2017)
Smart glass technology is making wearable computers accessible (05-26-2017)
Google's new API may improve Android Wear Complications (05-19-2017)
Google Updates Complications API, Intros Wear UI Library for Android Wear Developers (05-18-2017)
Fitbit Evidence Used in Murder Investigation (05-02-2017)
Police catch murder suspect with help from victims Fitbit data (04-26-2017)
Fitbit contradicts husband's story of wife's murder - police (04-25-2017)
Using wearable technology to detect conflict in couples before it occurs (04-21-2017)
Physical activity among children: objective measurements using Fitbit... (04-20-2017)
From the Forums: Swedish Year 9 Students Portable (Wearables) Projects (04-07-2017)
You can poke a hole in this jacket and itll repair itself (04-06-2017)
Osterhout Design Group intros new wearable goggles for hazmat workers (04-04-2017)
The Dot Braille Smartwatch | Reading Time And Texts By Touch (03-22-2017)
Smart jackets coming this fall from Google and Levis (03-13-2017)
Wearables track data to help give you the best sleep (03-13-2017)
Google and Levis connected smart jacket will come out this fall and costs around $350 (03-11-2017)
Fitbit Alta HR is Here! Meet the Worlds Slimmest Heart Rate Tracker (03-06-2017)
Fitbit shipped more devices in 2016 than any other vendor (03-02-2017)
Runkeeper App Tip: Use the Notes Field As Your Training Diary (02-24-2017)
Fitness data and photos help expose race cheat (02-23-2017)
Fitbit reveals it paid $23 million to acquire Pebbles assets (02-22-2017)
IBM's hub for wearables could shorten your hospital stay (02-15-2017)
Evy Wilkins The Human Body Is Unique. Any Device That Sits on or in the Human Body Should Be Personalized! (02-08-2017)
Here are the Android Wear watches that will get the 2.0 update (02-08-2017)
Jawbone looks to drop consumer wearables for clinical services (02-03-2017)
Suspecting arson, cops subpoena homeowner's pacemaker logs, then charge him with multiple felonies (02-01-2017)
Cops use pacemaker data as evidence to charge homeowner with arson, insurance fraud (01-30-2017)
Cops use pacemaker data to charge man with arson, insurance fraud (01-30-2017)
Short sellers are cleaning up in Fitbit (FIT) (01-30-2017)
Wearable Sensors Spot Lyme Disease (01-18-2017)
'Paper Watch' Aims to Democratize Fitness Trackers (01-09-2017)
Fitbit Announces Partnerships with Habit, Peloton, and VirZOOM (01-06-2017)
CES 2017: Solos smart glasses help cyclists get fitter (01-05-2017)
UnitedHealthcare, Qualcomm Life, Fitbit aim to expand corporate wellness (01-02-2017)
Privacy protections for wearable devices are weak, study says (12-15-2016)
Pebble says its smartwatches should continue to work in 2017 (12-14-2016)
Google adds single-sign-on features in latest Android Wear 2.0 preview (12-13-2016)
Google discloses tech specs and developer API for Glass (11-05-2016)
Can A Wrist-Wearable ECG Monitor Track Your Emotions? (11-04-2016)
Trilobites: Wearable Devices That Could Heal Themselves When They Break (11-02-2016)
High-Tech Underwear Will Monitor Astronauts? Health in Space (10-21-2016)
According to Our Fitness Trackers, That Debate Was Stressful AF (10-20-2016)
This wearable badge links to software that could blur your face in unwanted social media photos (10-19-2016)
Fitness Trackers that Offer Developer Tools (10-13-2016)
With Its Developers Competition, Strava Finds That Runners Love APIs (10-11-2016)
What We?ve Suspected About FitBits All Along Is True (10-04-2016)
The Microsoft Band is dead (10-03-2016)
Vivofit Jr. Is Garmin's First Wearable for Kids (09-29-2016)
Wearables and the Secret IoT Life of Pets (09-29-2016)
How Garmin Offers Developers Nearly Limitless Possibilities for Lifestyle Quantification (09-21-2016)
Wearables, IoT and uncovering the secret life of pets (09-15-2016)
Life after Fitbit: guilt or relief? (09-09-2016)
With Wearable Tech Deals, New Player Data Is Up for Grabs (09-09-2016)
Basic Wearables More Popular Than Feature-Rich Ones (09-08-2016)
Fitbit leads wearables market as Apple Watch sales decline (09-06-2016)
Wearable Monitoring Tech May Not Always Be Good for Your Health (09-01-2016)
Fitbit Charge 2 ? Fitbit's #1 selling tracker now has more to love (08-29-2016)
Wearables usage has dropped significantly ? but there's a silver lining (08-26-2016)
The Wearable Device That Changes Colors Every Time You Change Direction (08-23-2016)
UPDATE 1-U.S. trade judge clears Fitbit of stealing Jawbone's trade secrets (08-23-2016)
Laser-Cut ArcSin Dress Is Wearable Math (08-19-2016)
?McDonald?s dishes out fitness trackers with Happy Meals #WearableWednesday (08-17-2016)
The Wearables Database (08-16-2016)
How Jawbone uses wearable sensor data to drive habit change (08-11-2016)
How to select the right battery for wearables and consumer electronics #batteries (08-08-2016)
The 3D-printed clothing that reacts to your environment (08-03-2016)
Healthcare giant Philips finally introduces smart gadgets to track your wellness (08-01-2016)
Where the action is in wearables: Healthcare niches (08-01-2016)
You can now control Nest?s Thermostat with your Apple Watch (07-29-2016)
PerformTek sensor technology for wearables (07-21-2016)
Judge invalidates Fitbit patents in suit against Jawbone (07-20-2016)
Wrist Based Sleep Monitors Have Limits (07-18-2016)
For Wearables in the Enterprise, the Future is Now (07-14-2016)
Predictive Analytics, Wearables Data Driving EHR Growth (07-11-2016)
Wearable Device Monitors for Diet and Mental Health (07-11-2016)
Oops! Wearables can leak your PINs and passwords (07-08-2016)
Germany?s Brillen raises $49M from TCV to take its eyewear marketplace international (07-06-2016)
The Atlas Wristband 2 offers an interesting but limited spin on fitness trackers (07-06-2016)
A New Breast Cancer Study Enlists Fitbit Trackers (07-05-2016)
Wink will add Uber, Fitbit, and IFTTT to its smart home controller (FIT) (06-29-2016)
Alexa Comes to Pebble Core; Take it on Your Next Run (06-10-2016)
Jawbone may be getting out of the wearables business, and it?s probably for the best (05-29-2016)
App Usage Growth Led by Wearables and Tools (05-19-2016)
Wearable devices can become more popular if they solve this one problem (05-16-2016)
Wearable Devices, Insurance and You (05-09-2016)
Fitbit is getting destroyed (FIT) (05-04-2016)
Is wearable technology set to disrupt health care? (04-19-2016)
How businesses are leading the wearable tech revolution (04-11-2016)
Sensor tech isn?t yet ready to power the ?wearable Internet? (04-03-2016)
Why wearable technology hasn?t hit the mainstream, and how that might change (03-30-2016)
Examining the Wearables Ecosystem (03-29-2016)
New Wearable Fitness Coach For Skiers (03-29-2016)
Rythm raises $11 million for wearable device to measure sleep quality (03-29-2016)
Amazon's Alexa can now shout your Fitbit stats at you (03-17-2016)
Amazon?s Alexa now lets Fitbit-owners request steps, sleep, other key fitness data using their voice (03-17-2016)
Amazon?s Alexa now lets Fitbit-owners request steps, sleep, other key fitness data using their voice (03-17-2016)
This wearable for boxers tracks how powerful your uppercut is (03-16-2016)
The Untapped Market for Wearables and Aging (03-10-2016)
Doctors pick paper diaries over Fitbits. Here?s why (03-02-2016)
Introducing the Casio Smart Outdoor Watch Challenge (02-29-2016)
Fitbit will remain the dominant leader in the wearables market (FIT) (02-25-2016)
Wearables Market Predicted to Be Worth $34 Billion by 2020 (02-25-2016)
Credit card companies really want to put payment technology in your clothes (02-22-2016)
Game On: Intel Edison with the Xadow Wearable Kit (02-18-2016)
Wearable startup Orion Labs raises $9M from Motorola Solutions and Avalon Ventures (02-18-2016)
The Wearable Smart Gateway: Revolutionary Wearable Tech for First Responders (02-18-2016)
Report Finds Wearables Will Skyrocket in the Enterprise (02-12-2016)
Runkeeper acquired by sportswear giant Asics (02-12-2016)
Christian University Requiring Students to Use Fitbits Says It Won?t Track Sex (02-02-2016)
Oklahoma university to track Fitbit activity on all incoming freshmen (02-01-2016)
Oklahoma university to track Fitbit activity on all incoming freshmen (02-01-2016)
Narrative lets developers hack its wearable cameras (01-28-2016)
5 Ways Wearables are Improving Enterprise Operations (01-26-2016)
Article: Jawbone's Head of Data Science and Analytics on The Future of Wearables and Analytics Insights (01-22-2016)
Wearable Devices: How to Overcome the Load Testing Challenges They Create (01-17-2016)
Wearables Continue to Grow in Popularity (01-14-2016)
New Ford Lab Integrates Wearables and Vehicles; Ford Looks at Linking Health Data to Driver-Assist Technology (01-11-2016)
Bluetooth chips enable practical wearables with 40% better energy efficiency (01-04-2016)
OmSignal has made a biometric-tracking smart bra (01-04-2016)
Wearables to Watch Out for in 2016 (01-04-2016)
Microsoft Translator loops Apple Watch, Android Wear devices into real-time conversations (12-17-2015)
5 pieces of wearable tech poised to revolutionize healthcare (12-15-2015)
Wearable Payment Technology (11-06-2015)
MasterCard wants to bring the technology behind Apple Pay to more wearables (10-26-2015)
How emerging consumer and professional healthcare trends are driving interest in wearable devices (10-24-2015)
?Fitbit tracker hacked in 10 seconds (10-22-2015)
Fitbit (FIT) Adds New 'Works with Fitbit' Partner (10-21-2015)
Wearable Sensors Could Translate Sign Language Into English (10-17-2015)
How wearable technology is changing the lives of disabled people - The Globe and Mail (09-12-2015)
The future of wearables: report (09-11-2015)
Some doctors DO want your Fitbit data (09-03-2015)
Try the New Exercise Sharing Tool from Fitbit! (08-31-2015)
Microsoft has a weird idea for clothes that shock you when you get an email (MSFT) (08-20-2015)
Fitbit during sex (08-13-2015)
IoT And Wearable Tech (08-12-2015)
Fitness apps data reveals workout habits of logged-in gen (07-06-2015)
Tobii Pro Glasses 2 SDK Now Available (06-30-2015)
What?s new with Google Fit: Distance, Calories, Meal data, and new apps and wearables (06-30-2015)
The Big Data of Wearables (06-26-2015)
Forget yoga, wearables insurance is the path to a better life! (06-24-2015)
The FDA doesn?t want to regulate wearables, and device makers want to keep it that way (06-24-2015)
Google unveils sensor-laden health wearable for monitoring patients in clinical trials (06-23-2015)
Amazon patents Google Glass clone that may give warehouse workers cyborg vision (06-18-2015)
Fitbit opens up 52% (FIT) (06-18-2015)
Fitbit Raises Price Range for I.P.O. (06-16-2015)
Wearables are making gains, but they still face major barriers to adoption (06-12-2015)
Lovely, The Wearable Sex Tracker, Is A Fitbit For Your Penis (06-05-2015)
THE WEARABLES REPORT: Growth trends, consumer attitudes, and why smartwatches will dominate (06-05-2015)
Forget BMI, Body Labs wants to track your ?Body Volume? with its API (06-04-2015)
Wearable device monitors health of foetus (06-02-2015)
Google is partnering with Levi?s for its Project Jacquard smart fabric (05-29-2015)
Got a wearable? Almost anybody can track you using simple technology (05-26-2015)
Startup bringing ?fitness tracker for streets? to St. Louis (05-25-2015)
Casting doubt on the role of wearables and engagement platforms in health care (05-22-2015)
Akamai Offers CDN Services To Tech Startups At Wearable World Congress 2015 (05-21-2015)
Nobody wants your wearable (05-20-2015)
?Fitbit files for IPO: 7 key facts (05-07-2015)
Fitbit files to raise up to $100M in IPO (05-07-2015)
Insurance Industry Expects Wearable Technologies to Impact Entire Business Model (05-06-2015)
Microsoft releases Band SDK to developers (05-01-2015)
Wearables and Communications Drive New Medical (04-30-2015)
Google Releases New Android Wear APIs in Play Services 7.3 (04-29-2015)
Library Explorers - Wearables in the library (04-16-2015)
MediaTek launches platform for wearables, IoT devices (04-13-2015)
Google announces Android Wear now has more than 1,000 different watch faces, adds straps from 3 new partners (04-08-2015)
My Quantified Email Self Experiment: A failure (03-31-2015)
Can wearable tech make public speaking less scary? (03-31-2015)
How I hacked my smart bracelet (03-26-2015)
The Heart of the Matter: I can?t access the data generated by my implanted defibrillator. That?s absurd. (03-26-2015)
Researcher shows a ridiculously easy way to hack into smart bracelets like Fitbits (03-26-2015)
Wearable Water Tracking (03-26-2015)
Beyond wearable tech: How Philips is pushing towards the future of connected health (03-25-2015)
Wearable Wednesday ? Fitbit lets you change out wearables (03-25-2015)
Introducing RunKeeper for Android L (03-23-2015)
Not dead yet: Eric Schmidt says reports of Google Glass? death are premature (03-23-2015)
From Quantified Self to Wearables ? Why? (03-21-2015)
A decade in, the ?Quantified Self? is still more hope than reality (03-20-2015)
Will This Wearable Device Kill the Computer Mouse? (03-18-2015)
EHRs and wearables - their time has come? (03-16-2015)
Wearable data objects that represent air pollution (03-16-2015)
The future of industrial IoT might be wearables (03-13-2015)
FESPA Fabric invites you to ?launch into a universe of garment decorat... (03-02-2015)
HTC announces the ?Grip,? its first wearable (but it?s only headed to the US) (03-01-2015)
Microsoft Offering Preview SDK for Its Band Wearable (02-24-2015)
Wearable Apps Wednesday ? Apple Watch developers speak up (02-18-2015)
Processing Pebble Accelerometer Data (01-08-2015)
The History of Wearables (01-08-2015)
BlackBerry shows off BBM for Android Wear devices at CES (01-07-2015)
JINS Opens API Specification for JINS MEME Smart Eyewear; Launches Idea... (01-07-2015)
New Android Wear smartwatches may use MediaTek chips (01-07-2015)
These washable smart socks can reduce injuries from running (01-07-2015)
Why (Not) Wearables (01-06-2015)
Lenovo gets into wearables with E Ink VIBE Band (01-05-2015)
Lenovo?s wearable, the Vibe Band VB10, is a low-cost looker (01-05-2015)

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